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SUNY GCC - Genesee 社区 College

十大靠谱赌博平台 the Genesee 社区 College 基金会

Together, we can create our future.

That simple belief has guided the Genesee 社区 College 基金会 since its formation in 1985. By combining the volunteer efforts, financial support, and deep passion of committed people, 我们每年帮助杰纳西社区学院和数以百计的学生.

通过建设和加强杰纳西社区学院, and 投资ing in the lives of our students today, 我们为我们的社区和子孙后代确保一个光明的未来.


  • 卓越. 我们认可并鼓励在杰纳西社区学院取得学术成就, 并为我们社区在学术上有天赋的学生提供经济支持.
  • 访问. 我们帮助为所有的杰纳西人提供杰纳西社区学院教育, 利文斯顿, 奥尔良, and Wyoming County students facing financial and personal hardship through no fault of their own.
  • 活力. We promote study in fields critical to the economic growth of 业务 and industry in our region.
  • 参与. 我们为校友,利益相关者和社区参与学院提供途径.
  • 资本. We help provide capital resources that foster superior education and service to our students.


The GCC 基金会 …

  • 通过我们的志愿者推动的年度筹款活动获得资金, special fund raising events, 还有精心策划的遗赠和延期赠予.
  • 管理 Donor-Designated Funds (超过150家),通过严格的投资计划.
  • 对委托给我们的所有资金进行仔细的管理, 以及与我们的支持者和社区就我们的工作进行持续的沟通.
  • Expertly 管理s 基金会-owned property and 基金会-sponsored services to students, including College Village, our student residence.
  • 通过深思熟虑的计划和拨款过程来支付资金.
  • Inspires generosity and volunteerism.


  • Service to Genesee 社区 College, our students, our many supporters, and our communities
  • Generosity of time, talent, and treasure
  • The highest ideals of citizenship
  • 对我们的邻居、社区和子孙后代的承诺
  • 相信每个人都有能力改变世界

杰纳西社区学院基金会是纽约州的一家慈善机构, and contributions to the 基金会 are tax-exempt to the fullest extent of federal and state law.

The 基金会 is organized to receive, 投资, 管理, 并以最有效和最有意义的方式分配你的礼物.

Frequently Asked Questions


是的. Contributions to the 基金会 are deductible to the full extent allowed under federal and state law.

Why does Genesee 社区 College need my help?

The mission of the 基金会 is to raise the level of instruction in the classroom by attracting excellent students; to provide access to higher education by worthy and deserving students who demonstrate financial need; to encourage students from our region to remain in the local workforce; and to promote community involvement in the life of the College.

学院通过其运营预算提供基础(以及更多). But the 基金会’s far-reaching goals only come about through the passionate volunteer and financial support of civic and 业务 leaders, faculty and staff, 校友, and friends of the College.


The 基金会 is the official fund raising and gift-receiving agency for Genesee 社区 College. 社区, 业务, and civic volunteers from Genesee, 利文斯顿, 奥尔良, 和怀俄明州的县组成了基金会的董事会. 理事会管理基金会并制定其政策. 该基金会成立于1985年,是一家非营利性公司.

Does the 基金会 accept memorial gifts?

是的. We frequently receive memorial gifts from family and friends of people associated with the College. A gift receipt is sent to the donor, and the deceased’s family is sent an acknowledgment of the gift.

My employer matches charitable gifts. 我怎样才能捐献给海合会基金会并使之匹配?

如果你的雇主(或你配偶的雇主)提供相应的礼物计划, 你捐献给基金会的金额可以增加一倍甚至三倍. 从你的人力资源办公室获得一份匹配礼物表格, complete your section, and mail it to the 基金会 with your gift. 我们将完成表格的其余部分,并获得匹配的礼物.


Non-designated (or unrestricted) gifts satisfy scholarship and other program needs of the College as determined by the Board of Directors. 然而, 许多捐赠者希望将他们的捐款用于特定的需要, such as supporting students from a particular community or in a specific field of study. These designated (or restricted) gifts are used only for the 目的s directed by donors. 该基金会拥有150多个捐赠者指定基金.

How can I create a named or designated fund?

It’s quite easy. A 基金会 staff member will ask you some basic questions about the fund – its name, 目的, criteria for making grants from the fund, and how and when it will be established – and then prepare a one- or two-page letter of agreement for you to review and sign.


在过去的五年里,我们的支持者慷慨捐助了6,591,016美元. 我们那段时间的直接资金筹集费用总计为892214美元,即13美元.5% of total contributions.


杰纳西社区学院基金会住房服务有限公司. is an affiliate not-for-profit corporation set up to hold and 管理 real estate on behalf of the 基金会 and the College. This corporation holds title to College Village, a student residence acquired in August, 2001.

法定名称是“杰纳西社区学院基金会”. 你的律师可以提供必要的具体语言 Establish a Bequest under your will. We can also help you or your attorney with the wording; this is especially important if you plan to direct your bequest to a specific designated (restricted) fund, or to establish a new fund under your bequest. 无论如何, we encourage you to share your final will provision with us to ensure that your wishes will be properly followed and recognized.

Are there different kinds of bequests?

是的. Under a fixed-amount bequest, 你在你的遗产中留下了一笔指定的钱(例如, $20,000) to the 基金会. Under a percentage bequest, 您留下指定比例的遗产(例如, 10% of your estate) to the 基金会. Under a remainder bequest, you leave to the 基金会 whatever portion of your estate is not allocated to other beneficiaries. You can also blend these forms together. 例如, 你可以在遗嘱中设立一系列固定数额的遗产, 然后是一系列的剩余百分比遗赠.

你可以向一般(不受限制的)基金作遗赠, or to a special fund that you establish during your lifetime or through your bequest. You and your attorney can review our sample language for a bequest to get started.

What is an endowment fund?

捐赠基金由永久持有的资产组成, forever – and only the income, or a portion of the income, from the fund is spent. Endowment funds are often created by donors who wish to insure long-term support of a favorite cause or program. You can establish an Endowment Fund during your lifetime, or through a bequest.


是的. The Michael J. Ryan Fund for the Future is an endowment fund that exists for the general support of 基金会 programs. 该基金的投资收益将用于基金会的所有活动.


用增值(或增值)的股票作为礼物, you avoid paying capital gains tax (usually a maximum rate of 15% of the appreciation on securities you have held longer than a year). 你还可以获得股票全部市场价值的税收减免.

例如,假设你最初买了ABC公司的股票. 以4000美元的价格.  Now it’s worth $20,000. If you sold the stock yourself, you’d probably pay $2,400 in capital gains taxes (15% of the $16,000 appreciation). If you donate the stock, you pay no capital gains tax – and you receive a $20,000 tax deduction. 计算你的扣除额在实际节省的税款中值多少, 用你计划捐赠的股票的市场价值乘以边际税率. 例如, 如果边际税率是30%你的赠予股票价值10美元,000, you can deduct $10,000, and your cash “savings” will be $3,000.


通常最好的办法就是自己卖掉股票,把收益捐出去. The result is that you’ll generate a capital loss, and you can apply this against some of the capital gains you have earned from the sale of appreciated stock.

I’ve heard that it’s possible to make a gift of highly appreciated stock AND receive income for life. 这是真的吗??

In many cases, yes. You’re probably thinking of a Charitable Gift Annuity or a Charitable Remainder Trust. 这里发生的是,你的股票礼物为年金或信托基金提供资金, 这反过来又为你提供了终身或其他固定时期的收入. (These vehicles can only provide income for someone else, such as spouse who survives you). 你还可以获得部分礼物的税收减免, based on IRS actuarial tables; generally, 当你设立年金或信托时,你的年龄越大, the larger your deduction will be.

In some instances – for example, when the appreciation on the stock is very significant or when you’re setting up an annuity or trust at a relatively young age – it might pay to purchase wealth replacement insurance, 可能是从你收到的年金或信托收入的一部分. This insurance makes it possible to replace some or all of the assets you donated after you die, giving you the opportunity to make a wonderful charitable gift and leave substantial assets to your heirs.

你可以很容易地创建一个慈善礼物年金与一个简单的文件. A charitable reminder trust, on the other hand, is much more complex, 通常需要你的律师和财务顾问的指导.

How does the 基金会 make grants?

  • 每年,学院要求基金会支持各种 Scholarship Programs and other initiatives. 基金会根据现有资源仔细审查请求. Three 基金会 committees are involved here: the Stewardship Committee considers the request in light of the College’s and 基金会’s priorities; the Finance Committee examines the availability of funds and the fiscal implications of the grant; and the Campaign and Fund Development Committee determines whether it’s possible to raise the funds necessary to meet upcoming grant obligations. 董事会每年春天作出最后的奖助金分配.
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