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The office of 校园安全 responds to all criminal or emergency calls on the 巴达维亚 campus. 所有的全职警官成绩都是A.A.S. 本科以上学历,有执法工作经验. All officers must be licensed by the State of 纽约 under the Security Act, 参加岗位培训, 急救, 心肺复苏和体外除颤器培训, and receive a minimum of 40 hours of continuous training each year to update their skills. 校园安全是所有联邦政府的执法责任, 状态, 县法律以及所有的大学规章制度. 每个校园中心都有自己的安全预防措施. 我们每周7天,每天24小时营业.



  • 为所有拨打校园安全电话, call x6500 from any office phone, or call 585-345-6500 from off-campus or from your cell phone.
  • 通过电子邮件: GCCSEC@esthadom.com
  • 如果你目击了犯罪并希望匿名举报,请使用 沉默证人表格
  • 在巴达维亚校园大楼外提供全天候服务, Emergency Blue Light Phones are available and are directly connected to 校园安全’s emergency phone line. There are six emergency blue light phones located in high-traffic areas of the 巴达维亚 Campus.
    • 使用电话: press the red button on the outside of the phone and you will immediately be connected to the 校园安全 emergency phone line. A blue light will flash at the phone so that the responding 校园安全 Officer(s) or emergency response personnel can more easily locate you. 所有的校园安全人员都穿制服,所以很容易被认出来.
    • 当连接说明你的紧急情况. 等待进一步指示. 如果可能的话, 待在电话旁边, or go to the nearest lighted area or building entrance that you can see from the phone.

Each officer also carries a two-way radio so he/she is in contact with the 校园安全 office at all times.


GCC is committed to assisting all members of our community in providing for their safety and security. The College offers a variety of programs to help students, 教师 and staff stay safe. 这些项目在下面的校园犯罪报告中有详细的概述. The campus also works with local law enforcement to keep the College community safe.


The GCC 校园安全 staff includes a staff of 纽约 State Licensed 校园安全 Officers.  在巴达维亚校园发生罪案时, 校园安全部门将作为第一反应者, 调查,然后打电话给杰纳西县警长或州警察. 这是杰纳西校园安全人员协助逮捕的政策. The 校园安全 Staff reports any major College crime incidents to the Genesee County Sheriff’s Office or State Police.


According to Section 170101 (j) of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1999, all persons who have been convicted of a sexually violent offense or a criminal offense against a minor must be registered with local law enforcement agencies. Students and employees who wish to know who has been convicted of such of crimes can request this information from:

  • 巴达维亚市警察局
    10 West Main Street; 巴达维亚,纽约14020; (584) 343-8180
  • 杰纳西县警局
    165 Park Road; 巴达维亚, NY, 14020 (585) 343-5000
  • 可在 纽约州性犯罪者登记处
  • 丹尼尔·科菲,海湾合作委员会校园安全主任
    书院路一号; 巴达维亚, NY, 14020 (585) 343-0055 x6847


The 校园安全 department at Genesee Community College in 巴达维亚 offers many services to students, 教师, 员工和整个学院社区.


校园安全部将根据您的要求护送您上车. Students are encouraged to stop at the 校园安全 office (B118) before class if you wish to use an escort, 所以会有一名警官待命. 如果找不到警官, 到总机那里,接线员会协助找到一名警官.


校园安全 will provide jump starts and other vehicle assistance services as needed once the owner of the vehicle provides proper identification.


如果发生与个人有关的紧急情况, notification may be left at the 校园安全 office via phone or in person. 警官会尽他或她最大的努力找到这个人. Please note, a class can only be interrupted if the message is a true emergency.


校园安全 will provide 急救 during the day and evening hours when the College’s 健康 Services office is closed.


遗失物品一般交由校园安全办公室保管. 如果你失去了什么, check with the officer on duty several times because items are turned in frequently throughout the day by both students and employees. 根据物品的价值,物品会保存30-90天,然后处理掉.


The objectives of the new 学生安全巡逻队(SSP) are to enhance the level of security patrol presence, 特别是在校园建筑中, 确保工作人员的高度人身安全, 研究, 或者住在校园或校园附近. 除了, SSP provides an opportunity for volunteer duties for Criminal Justice students who have a career interest in law enforcement, 校园安全, 或安全. The Student Safety Patrol also assists the college 校园安全 staff to achieve their operational objectives and target special security and safety needs.

Students become eligible for the program when they complete the NYS Security Guard training course. The security guard training is offered several times a year through the College’s 最好的中心. 参加CRJ120:安全入门课程的学生也将接受培训. 报名参加纽约保安培训课程请访问 最佳中心.

Student Safety Patrollers augment 校园安全 services by performing the following light security details (non-police functions) in and around the College:

  • 巡逻所有校园建筑,作为一个可见的威慑和社区资源
  • 在发生重大事故时,根据校园安全部门的指示提供协助
  • 观察并报告巡逻中发现的任何可疑/犯罪活动
  • 必要时履行客户服务职责
  • 审核校园照明,紧急电话,门禁卡系统
  • 消防安全设备检查
  • 在活动期间协助控制车辆/行人交通
  • 按要求提供安全步行(护送)服务
  • 完成指定的校园安全接待工作
  • 其他指派的非执法职责.

了解更多信息或加入SSP计划, 联系巴里·加里根, 杰纳西大学的刑事司法教授, 电话:585-343-0055 x6307或 .


Basic emergency procedures are designed to enhance the protection of lives and property through effective use of college and community resources. 紧急情况可能是突然的,没有任何警告, the following procedures are designed to be flexible in an effort to accommodate all contingencies. 进一步, 因为在紧急情况下,事件的顺序是无法预测的, the support and operational plans in each type of emergency are intended to serve as a guide and checklist and may require modification in order to meet the requirements of the emergency.

The following are a sampling of Genesee Community College’s policies and procedures regarding campus closings, 课程取消, 吸烟和停车. 学生和员工政策可以在 myGCC.



Examples:  High-wind warnings, or air quality testing after a nearby chemical spill

  • 留在大楼内. 
  • 锁好门窗. 
  • 照常营业和上课. 
  • 等待进一步指示.


Example:  Local police investigation or search for a dangerous person outside the building

  • 留在大楼内. 
  • 锁好门窗. 
  • 照常营业和上课. 
  • 等待进一步指示.


Example:  Imminent threat to our building population, such as an active shooter

    • 待在办公室或教室里.
    • 停下你正在做的事,保持沉默,躲在一扇安全的门后面.
    • 关掉灯,远离窗户.
    • 沉默的手机.
    • 等待进一步指示.


在紧急情况下, the college may issue an alert to all subscribers of the GCC ALERT emergency notification system. You can receive these messages by telephone (voice and/or text message), e-mail or fax. 如果您已经注册,请检查您的信息的准确性.

注册GCC ALERT或查看当前信息:

  • 访问学院网站
  • 点击“Login to myGCC”,输入用户名和密码
  • 点击“学生”选项卡
  • 点击左侧栏的“横幅自助服务”
  • 点击“个人信息”选项卡
  • 点击“个人资料”
  • 单击“紧急警报联系信息(GCC警报)”
  • 完成GCC警报表单
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